A Vision Of Hope You Can Act On

Community Renewal International
In The Capital D.C. Area

Our nation’s capital can be transformed by developing a fabric of neighborhoods which intersect through intentional friendship and caring for one another. Many of you are already doing caring acts, are devoted to valuable causes. However, caring alone can not change our world – but caring together CAN. Join the movement and let’s turn our city into the caring capital of the world!

“Day by day, more and more caring partners are joining in this march of living with a dedicated purpose to stop the disintegration of our cities and grow a new model of community.”

Mack McCarter – Founder, Community Renewal International

We are happy to share our new book!
“Few have studied and thought more about how to bring a sense of community than Mack McCarter. He has developed a recipe for how to nourish and nurture the souls of our communities.”
– Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report