Welcoming A Gladiator

Please meet Andre Thomas Jr. the newest member of our Renewal Team!

Andre has an interesting life story which has motivated him to become a caring and active member of his community. Learn more about him below and take the time to click on the link which will take you to his heart’s work.

“I have found that not only is there a lack of resources to truly succeed as an at-risk member of the community, our prison system is 100% punitive. With little to no emphasis on rehabilitation, this ultimately leads to a revolving door cycle that has to be stopped.

I have always believed that if you have a problem within your community, you should be part of the solution and do everything you can to affect CHANGE. That is where Gladiators Of Success, Inc. comes in. We believe that everyone makes mistakes but with the right resources, an egregious mistake can be avoided entirely (PROACTIVITY). Mistakes can also be answered (REACTIVITY) with programs that initialize an evolution in mind, body, and spirit for returning citizens that would otherwise have to fend for themselves. Finally, by establishing a network (FRATERNITY) of Gladiators we keep everyone uplifted, encouraged, and working together toward success.”

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