Villages Of All Sizes

One very important effort we are developing in the Capital Area is the creation of intentional neighborhoods and relationships in high rise or large apartment complexes. The question of how do we strategically initiate a Renewal Team and Haven House Coordinators in a 15 story building is an important one. Should we best design a strong caring community with one Haven House Coordinator per floor or every other floor? How can public gatherings take place in environments where hallways and front doors are the norm and not driveways and front porches? These questions and more we have tasked our International Community Coordinator, Teshome Wakene to work with and design a replicable approach as we move forward.

In a first gathering of residents in the community room of the building Teshome began introducing Community Renewal. At just this initial meeting our first candidate for Haven House Coordinator listened intently and enthusiastically, then signed up to help Teshome transform the building from a structure where people live, into a caring neighborhood. We’ll keep you informed of their progress!

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