The Power of Working Together

As a part Community Renewal Capital Area’s efforts in the DC metro area, our Director of International Relationships, Dr. Valentin Miafo Donfack, has been preparing the ground for the launch of Partners In Caring, a collective of diaspora not-for-profits in the DC metro area who are doing great work in our world to make life better for others. With the assistance of Teshome Wakene, International Community Coordinator, multiple individuals and organizations have been identified as perfect candidates to initiate a powerful network of caring. Over time this network will grow with the intention of building the Renewal Team for the Capital Area while introducing the unique idea of sharing resources and knowledge to support one another’s advancement and success. Partners In Caring will demonstrate the power of caring together being far more powerful and impacting than caring alone. We look forward to introducing you to each of our new Renewal Team members in the weeks and months to come! For now, here are some photos from our great beginning:

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