Celebrating Community In Style

On November 2, 2021 Community Renewal Capital area participated in the African Awards of Washington, an annual event celebrating the African Diaspora leadership of our region. All levels of community involvement are celebrated – business leaders, governmental institutions, artists, athletes as well as humanitarian workers. Every segment of society working at its highest level is brought together in a glamorous evening of hundreds of participants where all are friends ready to applaud the accomplishments of others.

As part of our international expansion to countries including many in Africa, we began a participation in this event by awarding all nominees recognized in the Humanitarian category with a Certificate of Recognition for Caring. Our purpose is to continue building awareness that caring alone can’t change the world, but caring TOGETHER can. In celebrating these four outstanding humanitarian organizations: Hadassah Grace Foundation, Djandjo Foundation, Woguibong Foundation, and Golden Heart we open the door to bringing attention to their work as well as laying the seeds for a ‘new network’ of interconnected support within the Capital Area community which has strong roots internationally. This allows Community Renewal to become a bridge that expands from our home here in the DC area to multiple countries from which immigrants new and old originate.

We look forward to the AWA of 2022!

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