Opening Doors

A foundation of the work of Community Renewal is to make caring visible. We hear stories on the news every night about what horrible things are happening in our world instigated by terrible people. Some of those news programs always close with a portrait of a single caring person doing a caring act. As if this was unique and extraordinary! But the truth is that caring is common. It is every day. It happens behind thousands of doors in the Capital Area. But what happens if we open our doors, step out of our homes and plant a sign on our lawn or in our window that says one simple truth: “We Care”

And then what might happen as more and more of us do this, showing each other “I’m here with you in this city we love.” What might happen if we start to see and recognize that caring people live everywhere in the Capital Area? What might we feel about our city and those who reside in it with us? And what possibilities could unfold knowing our world is, indeed, a caring one? Start looking for the signs! And, of course, we invite you to join the Renewal Team and you can then open YOUR door and make the caring you already do visible as well!

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