Let There Be Light

The first “Friendship Dinner” since Covid began was held at the home of Ray Ottenberg and Margaret Johnson. About 40 people from all walks of life and all backgrounds came together to connect and establish the groundwork for caring relationships between individuals who would never have had the opportunity to meet in the normal coming and goings of their lives.

As CRI Founder, Mack McCarter said at his brief welcome, light is a diffused gathering of protons moving through space, but when they are purposefully focused – laser-focused – then intentional change can occur. Friendship Dinners are one of the many programs and initiatives of Community Renewal Capital Area that intentionally brings people together to create caring, nurturing friendships across geographic and personal boundaries for the good of our region, our nation and our world. Of course if you want to have this kind of fun at YOUR house, please contact Dr. Valentin Miafo Donfack: valentinmiafo@communityrenewal.us. #WeCare.

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