Reimagining Service

On March 11 Community Renewal Capital Area began our partnership with the Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) project, an initiative of the US Department of Education, the DC VUB is overseen and hosted by Catholic University of America.

At the event new relationships were formed with local organizations which serve the veterans of our region. CRCA’s participation is to help reimagine service toward a new vision – assisting fellow citizens to create peace and harmony here at home through the intentional relationships of care we can each give to our neighbors and neighborhoods. And from there weave a relational network over the Capital Area which transforms us all, as well as strengthening our capacity to face difficult challenges together and contribute to the the quality of life for all of us from our highest expression of self.

To do that we offer training to veterans as “servant leaders” – bringing their neighbors on their block or on the floor of their apartment together in connection and care.

We trust that these new relationships will flower over time, that our veteran We Care Team members will contribute mightily to the vision of a world of peace. We certainly look forward to sharing the opportunities that they bring as well as the stories of connection that they will grow.

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