What The Future Will Look Like

When we think about where we want to go it’s always important to look at our roots. And for Community Renewal Capital Area, as for all the CRI replication sites, those roots are dug deep in Shreveport, Louisiana.

So it is only fitting that we celebrate the 11th Friendship House now built and open to serve in North Shreveport’s Martin Luther King Jr. neighborhood and see it as an inspiration of what is to come in the Capital Area!

A Friendship House is a place of new hope and new beginnings for neighborhoods and neighbors in need of connection. It enriches both those who live close to the house and those with whom they share residency in the city at large. It is a platform for new friendships to be launched and nourished which allows the soil of healthy relationship to spread throughout the neighborhood and the city.

Although when our first Friendship House is inaugurated it will, by necessity, look different than those in Shreveport, the intention, mission and impacts will be the same – healthy relational caring actions lifting all lives in hope and positive transformation. Because all things are possible when #WeCare together!

The work has already begun in the Woodland Terrace neighborhood of Anacostia to establish the relationships and activities necessary to establish a Friendship House there. If you would like to know how to work with us toward realizing this step in the Capital Area please contact us at: info@communityrenewalcapitalarea.org

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