Welcoming A Gladiator

Please meet Andre Thomas Jr. the newest member of our Renewal Team! Andre has an interesting life story which has motivated him to become a caring and active member of his community. Learn more about him below and take the time to click on the link which will take you to his heart’s work. “IContinue reading “Welcoming A Gladiator”

Welcome With Us Our First CR Capital Area Congregation!

Firsts are always tremendous things to celebrate because they lay the ground work for what is to come. Community Renewal Capital Area will develop partnerships with faith based and secular organizations, businesses, groups, clubs — all types of gatherings that celebrate our commonality: that we are caring human beings. For now we celebrate our firstContinue reading “Welcome With Us Our First CR Capital Area Congregation!”

There Are Beautiful, Caring People On Every Block

There is no doubt that our world is full of kind, loving people. There are heroes and heroines doing courageous work a few doors down, or huge hearts doing gentle acts of kindness in our own homes. Just a walk through the neighborhoods of Anacostia demonstrate how many caring people you can meet. If youContinue reading “There Are Beautiful, Caring People On Every Block”