Like a pebble in still water

A new idea is like dropping a pebble into still water. It hits hard where it lands and then the ripples expand from there, creating a bit of a disturbance because a change has taken place which moves further and further away from that singular point of impact. Community Renewal is, in some ways, justContinue reading “Like a pebble in still water”

Let There Be Light

The first “Friendship Dinner” since Covid began was held at the home of Ray Ottenberg and Margaret Johnson. About 40 people from all walks of life and all backgrounds came together to connect and establish the groundwork for caring relationships between individuals who would never have had the opportunity to meet in the normal comingContinue reading “Let There Be Light”

Celebrating Community In Style

On November 2, 2021 Community Renewal Capital area participated in the African Awards of Washington, an annual event celebrating the African Diaspora leadership of our region. All levels of community involvement are celebrated – business leaders, governmental institutions, artists, athletes as well as humanitarian workers. Every segment of society working at its highest level isContinue reading “Celebrating Community In Style”

The Power of Working Together

As a part Community Renewal Capital Area’s efforts in the DC metro area, our Director of International Relationships, Dr. Valentin Miafo Donfack, has been preparing the ground for the launch of Partners In Caring, a collective of diaspora not-for-profits in the DC metro area who are doing great work in our world to make lifeContinue reading “The Power of Working Together”

Villages Of All Sizes

One very important effort we are developing in the Capital Area is the creation of intentional neighborhoods and relationships in high rise or large apartment complexes. The question of how do we strategically initiate a Renewal Team and Haven House Coordinators in a 15 story building is an important one. Should we best design aContinue reading “Villages Of All Sizes”

Welcome With Us Our First CR Capital Area Congregation!

Firsts are always tremendous things to celebrate because they lay the ground work for what is to come. Community Renewal Capital Area will develop partnerships with faith based and secular organizations, businesses, groups, clubs — all types of gatherings that celebrate our commonality: that we are caring human beings. For now we celebrate our firstContinue reading “Welcome With Us Our First CR Capital Area Congregation!”

There Are Beautiful, Caring People On Every Block

There is no doubt that our world is full of kind, loving people. There are heroes and heroines doing courageous work a few doors down, or huge hearts doing gentle acts of kindness in our own homes. Just a walk through the neighborhoods of Anacostia demonstrate how many caring people you can meet. If youContinue reading “There Are Beautiful, Caring People On Every Block”