Community Renewal Abroad

There always is the possibility to ‘go home again’ when you return with the gift of Community Renewal as a bridge between your two worlds. This sharing of the power of intentional connection is a gift to all of us for a more peaceful, loving planet.

Community Renewal Cameroon

A comprehensive approach in renewing the Doumbouo Community in the Western Region of Cameroon and neighboring city of Dschang . Centered among 5 villages and a population of 150,000, Doumbouo has already brought diverse tribes and interests together. This project is spear-headed by Dr. Valentin Miafo Donfack, Director of International Relations.

Community Renewal Nigeria

Initial efforts are being made to establish the work of Community Renewal. Already a significant impact can be felt in the way neighbors greet one another, and young men who are usually forced to join violent gangs as a way of survival, find purpose in caring and being a productive part of the village community. This project is spearheaded by Hephzibah Thomas.

Community Renewal Ethiopia

ስለ አንቺ  ስለ አንተ  ስለእርስዎ

ግድ ይለናል

Is how you say “We Care” in Amharic. Current discussions amongst the Ethiopian diaspora community of the D.C. Capital Area are readying long-term plans for bring Community Renewal home to Ethiopia! This project is spearheaded by Teshome B. Wakene, International Community Coordinator

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