Friendship Dinners

Reaching out to the world one table at a time

Sitting together with the intention of getting to know others in our city who, like you, want to do good is a powerful experience. Doors open where you wouldn’t have thought possible and a new network of mutual support which benefits you and our city is born.

Opportunities For Involvement

Each Friendship Dinner offers the opportunity for inviting new and different people into your world by being a host, organizer or by sponsoring the event.

A Friendship Dinner can be held at any table of any size. If you would like to host a dinner please contact us below.

If being a host is not possible but you would like to contribute to an event, we will put you in contact with a host and you can arrange a contribution to the evening.

Of course if you would like to donate to assist in the costs of a Friendship Dinner or in the expansion of the Friendship Dinner programming, we would welcome your generosity and partnership!

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