Haven House

The Haven House initiative brings together caring residents who understand the importance of reaching out to and connecting with their neighbors.

Many of us remember growing up in a neighborhood where we knew everyone. Where we felt safe and cared for. This sense of community connection has been diminishing rapidly over the years. At Community Renewal the health of our neighborhood is an essential aspect to bringing us back together. How we live – together – matters. Haven House is a concrete strategy to take a city back, intentionally and systematically, block by block.

How do I become a Haven House Volunteer?

  1. Contact us at info@communityrenewalcapitalarea.org and let us know you’re interested!
  2. Attend a short and fun training session.
  3. Read the Handbook below for guidelines and ideas.
  4. Put a Haven House “We Care” sign on your front yard, or your door.
  5. Get ready to have a party! We will support you in inviting your neighbors.
  6. Meet with other Haven House leaders throughout the region to make new friends, give and receive support and creative ideas and opportunities to build community right where you live.

Renewal Team

Friendship House

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