How To Care

Welcome to the movement of Caring TOGETHER!

Join us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 6-7pm for an open Zoom session to meet our staff and other We Care Team members.
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You’re a Renewal Team/We Care Team member! You see and agree that our world is a better place when we’re connected in caring. And now you may be asking yourself…. what can I do?

Well first, of course, you care where you are – with your neighbors, family, friends, colleagues at work. It’s the small things: opening doors, caring heavy loads for those seniors in your life, bringing a meal to a sick neighbor. Basically seeing where there is need and filling that gap with what you are able to give or do. And watching the way you speak to people – is it kind, or is it impatient and what might you do to work on that?

But then there are also the more challenging opportunities to care: with the customer support person on the phone who’s the 3rd person you’ve been transferred to in the last 32 minutes, to the homeless person outside your office building, to the person wanting to clean your windscreen while you’re stopped at a light.

If you’re interested in helping us GROW the movement in our region – then we have some great volunteer opportunities for you!

For all of the following please contact us at:

Join us in making friends with our neighbors in Woodland Terrace – this is to be our first Friendship House neighborhood. Offering friendship can take the shape in many ways including: being a business mentor, connecting with the children & teens of the neighborhood and helping to fulfill their needs or working with us to develop financial support of projects including the building of the Friendship House!

Become a Haven House Volunteer – grow the movement of care on your own block or in your own building by creating caring connections between those who you live close to.

Host an Information Party – the best way to grow the movement is to tell your friends, family and colleagues why we have to come together to create a caring world, starting with where we live.

Host a Friendship Dinner – the Capital Area has an enormous international population. These dinners bring people together to create friendships across cultures.

Be a “special guest expert” for our Partners In Caring – do you have a specific business skill or expertise in the not-for-profit world? Share your knowledge and passion with a growing group of emerging not-for-profits and businesses from the local international community.

Join our We Care Team Welcome committee – we are building a family of caring people in our region. Help us welcome each new member!

Be a CRCA photographer – Help with spreading the vision of caring in our region by working with our social media efforts to celebrate care.

Tell us your interests and talents and we’ll help you use them to grow the movement!

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