International Community

Imagine A World Connected By Caring

One where we help one another reach our fullest potential and accomplish our most cherished dreams. A world where you are as vital to the joy and success of another as they are for you. 

Teshome Wakene, International Community Relations and
Dr. Valentin Miafo Donfack, Director of International Relationships in the Embassy Row area of Washington D.C.

How will we work together to make this vision possible? We have a proven and measurable strategy!

Washington D.C. will become Community Renewal International’s second demonstration city. From the lessons learned in the development of our flagship city of Shreveport, Louisiana, we are building on 27 years of success which we are ready to grow in the neighborhoods of our nation’s capital city!

Why The Capital Area?

The world comes to DC and lives in DC and for this reason we are in a powerful position at a vital moment in human history to invite you to participate in our “Partners in Caring” movement in the Washington Metro area. One that is seeded here in order to take root both in our city and throughout the world.

Your Invitation

Be part of a core of committed organizations, groups, businesses, associations and individuals from the diaspora communities in the Capital Area that believe – together – we can create a stronger, healthier, more caring place to live and work. And that this example will resonate throughout the world.

You are working hard every day to do good work for our community, our city and our world. Why should you do it alone? Working together INTENTIONALLY we become a supportive network that helps one another to lift up our individual and collective efforts.

Your Opportunities

Below you will see the various programs and initiatives that are already launched or in developmental stages. Each offers opportunities and benefits to you and your organization. Please click on the title for more information on how to become involved.

Giving Back to America monthly community events and opportunities for individuals and associations from the diverse diasporas who have chosen the United States as their home.

Friendship Dinners – meet, eat, and speak with new friends you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to get to know.

International House of Friendship – connecting the diaspora communities in the capital area in friendship, cultural exchange and education opportunities.

CRI Abroadexplore the current efforts toward bringing intentional caring relationships to locations throughout the world.

Haven House Leaders Training – what kind of person makes a Haven House leader? One who is dedicated to remaking their city by making friends on their street.

We Care Team members recruitment – connect with others who are ready to grow our nation’s capital into the Caring Capital of the World. 

Special Events – throughout the year the Community Renewal Capital Area International Team will host special events which offer more opportunity to connect, celebrate and encourage the growth of new and meaningful friendships which will strengthen the network of care in our region.

Training – take advantage of various pathways of training which improves your individual or organization’s capacity to care and deliver authentically beneficial impact to your community.

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