Let’s Zoom!

We are VERY excited about entering our second year of seeding the work of Community Renewal into the Capital D.C. Area. Our Zoom events allow us to share the foundation of this work, what has been happening in this past year, how to make caring connections which can transform our neighborhoods and our city and clearly lay out the many ways to get involved.

We need your enthusiastic partnership to make this city, this nation and our world a place of intentional love and caring!! We know it IS possible……many locations around the nation and the world are living proof of that including our flagship city of Shreveport. We are now working to put it right in the heart of our nation a do need YOUR help in building this vision.

Here is the challenge we are putting before you today:

  • Commit to hosting a ‘Zoom Party’ where our Founder, Mack McCarter and one or two of our team members can come to speak.
  • Invite your friends and colleagues who you believe will enthusiastically and substantially support this proven model. Either through a donation or through their time we seek to build a movement of caring in the Capital Are with your friends and peers.
  • Share with them what inspired you to host the event and why you gathered this group together.

We will provide you with the tools to inspire your invitees

Please Contact Us Via Email To Schedule A Party!

We will happily offer our Zoom account and any assistance to make this a joyful and simple experience for you!


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