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James King, Community Activist with Timothy Tilghman, Neighborhood Haven House Coordinator

As we begin to seed and nourish the work of Community Renewal International in the soil of the Capital Area we seek to connect with others who are ready to grow our nation’s capital into the Caring Capital of the World

Together we will put into action one vision – that we can live in a caring world where all people contribute from their highest capacity and their deepest place of compassion for one another. Is this a dream or a Utopia? No. It becomes a reality by doing intentional caring acts every day to everyone we encounter. This is a pledged commitment. And in this way, neighbor-to-neighbor, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, we can remake our region into one of care and love. 

But we can only do it if we commit to this TOGETHER. This is why we are inviting you to join the We Care Team. If you are ready to make a commitment to a Capital Area where every child is safe and loved, if you are ready to be an active part of seeing that come to pass by the small and large actions you take of intentional care every day, then we want to know you. We want to become your friend and, together, make our joined neighborhoods full of beauty, creativity, kindness and care. A city of love. True love. The love freely given to all equal to what we would want for ourselves.

When you join the We Care Team you become a part of a growing family of people committed to changing the way we relate to one another. Changing the way we see one another. Yes, there are differences, but those committed to the vision of CRI begin from a place of commonality where differences are not chasms between us but causes of celebration. Our connection to one another is our mutual pledge to a more intentionally caring world. A world of relationships that lift all people to their highest capacity in support of one another’s talents, dreams and contributions. A way of living together for the benefit of us all. The FIRST step toward realizing this world is becoming a We Care Team member. That membership holds within it your pledge to KEEP DOING CARING ACTS THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFETIME.

Once you join, the SECOND step you can take is to enlist your friends. Let others know about the We Care Team and help grow this movement. We are always available to speak to a gathering of your friends or colleagues and help nourish this movement of care. Simply contact us at

 The THIRD step, if you want to go deeper, is connecting to the opportunities the Community Renewal Movement offers:
Haven House: Connect to your neighbors and connect them to one another
Friendship House: Support the effort to establish our first neighborhood
International programming: connecting new residents to old residents
Veterans Corps: reimagining leadership and service in our community
Your creative ideas: contact us for supporting our work from your network of friends

So you see, YOU ARE NEEDED. By joining us you become today’s bridge to a new tomorrow. We can join hands in moving our region from disconnect toward a higher way of living. This we can do today with all the small joys and deep satisfaction it brings. IF we decide we want to. TOGETHER.

Join the We Care Team and make your caring visible. Soon, as in Shreveport our founding city, we’ll see bumper stickers, lawn signs, door signs and pins donned by our neighbors and those we have never met but will know care as deeply as we do. As our team grows in size we’ll see just how caring our capital truly is! Join us!

Sign up with our We Care Team by clicking here!

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