Join Us

If you’re like us you watch the news and the world feels like it’s falling apart. In many ways, this is true. We suffer from collapsing communities, from relationships that are not kind, or thoughtful. We often rush through our day and we forget, ourselves, to be caring to others.

But if we want the world to change, we have to have come together behind a different vision. It’s a fairly simple one, but it will take the commitment of all of us to see it through.

Envision With Us A Capital Area Of Loving, Connected Neighbors And Neighborhoods

For 30 years Community Renewal has been developing a model and a method to intentionally and systematically start, grow, nourish, sustain and share safe and loving communities with measurable results.

Odds are you are a caring person . . . you’re human after all! And we all have that innate capacity. In large and small ways we each do caring acts. But here’s a secret:

Caring alone won’t change our world.
Only caring TOGETHER
has the power to do that!

THAT’s the We Care Team. It’s all of us individually making the commitment to join together in intentional care for each, every and all human beings on this planet and transform our world. And we have evidence that it works!

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