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James King, Community Activist with Timothy Tilghman, Neighborhood Haven House Coordinator

As we begin to seed and nourish the work of Community Renewal International in the soil of the Capital Area we seek to connect with others who are ready to grow our nation’s capital into the Caring Capital of the World

To do that takes individual and collective commitment. Some of us are working day and night to reach out to our neighbors and make the lives around us better. Some of these efforts are public and some private. Some of us don’t yet realize the good work we do, maybe we don’t recognize how we touch others around us. Yet all of these efforts have enormous value.

Through institutions, organizations, corporations, groups and individuals, the work of caring TOGETHER will become a powerful engine to connect us, give confidence to and strengthen each effort. This is the Renewal Team: All of us working in various sectors of our community and standing behind the pledge that Together, We Are Mutually Committing Our Lives To Be The Caring Neighbor For Each Other, Each Person, And All People In The World. 

This is something to celebrate. Together.

How does celebrating together happen? As an individual you can start by the simple act of joining the We Care Team

You tell us one act of kindness you have done and you will receive a pin, a bumper sticker and a lawn/window sign to help make visible that you are part of the celebration and renewal of our city!  As our team grows in size we’ll see just how deeply caring our capital truly is! Sign up below!

Of course when you sign up you’ll also receive the Renewal News – Capital Area newsletter which will share positive stories that are happening in our area, and opportunities for you to deepen your relationship with our work to connect and celebrate intentionally caring individuals and organizations!

Sign up with our We Care Team by clicking here!

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