Partners In Caring

Partners In Caring is a “New Networking” structure that connects caring organizations and individuals who live in the D.C. Capital Area and who are part of the great diaspora community. Many of us are doing great work for our neighbors here in our new home, are helping those we’ve left back in our country of birth, or want to make a difference on issues that matter to us. In other words we want to make the world better. But doing that alone, particularly in the not-for-profit area where resources seem limited, can be challenging.

Partners In Caring offers support, connection, training and opportunity for our members to become more confident in their ability to make positive and productive impact while strengthening their participation in the Renewal Team of CRI. Through weekly meetings, special events and projects and – most importantly – growing friendships among people who want to make both our city and our world a better place – Partners In Caring is a unique opportunity to participate in changing our city into one that celebrates and thrives on caring connections. Together the resources and opportunities we have to do effective work are no longer limited, but multiplied.

New members of Partners In Caring meet for the first time at an introductory dinner

Our vision for the first year of Partners In Caring is a diverse group of individuals and organizations that will lay the groundwork for decades to come. If you are interested in both growing individually and in the core values of Community Renewal (that a caring world is a healthier, safer and more peaceful one) then we invite you to please join us!

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Dr. Valentin Miafo Donfack:
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