In addition to the commitment of individuals to making caring visible by joining us as We Care Team members, our work will also take powerful root through valuable partnerships with organizations, groups and institutions contributing to all sectors of social life.

These Renewal Team members of Community Renewal Capital Area Congregations, Community Partners, Schools, Educational Partners and participants in our Partners in Caring program will allow the approach to city-wide community healing to make its impact in the various areas of daily living we all engage with. These partnerships will not only help strengthen the three-pronged approach to our methodology for renewing community (Renewal Team, Haven House and Friendship House), but they will be a living example of “Mutually Enhancing Relationships” as they work together to strengthen the care each organization, group and institution is already doing alone. Alone we can not change the world, or our city, but together we are a powerful force which can.

We welcome our first partnership – the Community Renewal Capital Area Congregation of St. Teresa of Avila in the Anacostia neighborhood. We hope your organization, group or institution will join them in their enthusiastic commitment to transforming our city into the ‘Caring Capital of the World.’

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