Renewal Team

Your relationship with Community Renewal Capital Area begins here!

The Renewal Team is an international movement of diverse and caring partners, connected by a desire to care for others in order to make their community a better place for everyone. We are young and old, rich and poor, of different ethnic groups and from various economic and social backgrounds. The Renewal Team works with individuals, businesses, faith groups, civic groups, and others to build safer, stronger, and healthier communities.

In most cities today, we don’t always see our community as it really is. The “sensational” makes the nightly news and morning headlines. We are bombarded by news of the dysfunctional acts of a few society members who want to hurt one another instead of help one another. But in reality, communities are filled with mostly caring people. Of course, our caring acts don’t normally generate publicity but these caring acts are what make us a good community filled with potential.

If the caring majority were visible to one another, then we would know just how much good exists and potential we have as communities. We share a common bond, the capacity and the willingness to care for others, and when we become connected to one another, we change the perception of our community from an ordinary community to one that’s extraordinary!

So how do we become visible and connected to one another? That is what the Renewal Team is all about! By filling out an “I Care” card and stating one thing we do for others, we become part of the Renewal Team, the “biggest gang in town.”

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