Team Member – Valentin Miafo Donfack

With his two beautiful daughters

Director of International Relationships

Valentin Miafo Donfack has about 25 years of experience working with the nonprofit sector and hold a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP)credential, the only U.S nonprofit credential preparing for careers in nonprofit management.

Since 2004, Valentin serves as the Director of International Relationships for Community Renewal International and is in charge of expanding the concepts, philosophies, and methodologies of Community Renewal to the International Community as well as planning and coordinating the international activities of Community Renewal. He is working to develop collaborative partnerships and resources development for CRI international outreach. He is also coordinating the African Institute for Philanthropy and Community Renewal, an entity structured to work in restoring caring communities in Africa by promoting the understanding of philanthropy and its practice , by engaging and connecting philanthropists and “caring partners” across Africa. The Institute will work to improve African nonprofits performance and effectiveness through training, research and implementation of appropriate community renewal strategies.
Valentin has been consultant in Nonprofit and Business development with various organizations from both private and nonprofit sector. He has helped governments in Africa enhance their “Third Sector” by designing and implementing pertinent public policies on philanthropy and nonprofits.

Prior to joining Community Renewal full time in 2004, Valentin Miafo served on the research and analysis team at the Institute for Human services and Public Policies – Louisiana State University Shreveport. He was in charge of Communities Status Report and Outcomes Measurement.

In Cameroon: Valentin was an associate professor of political science at Yaounde University and visiting professor at the University of Dschang from 1994 to 2000. He founded the first Adult Distance Learning and Continuing Education program in Cameroon (FASST Program) linked to the University of Yaounde and later, Fasst Edition, a University publishing company.

Valentin is: Former member of the African Association of Political science; Member of International Society for Third Sector Research; Member of Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (Formerly American Humanics); Member of the Association of Certified Nonprofit Professionals; Founder of “Giving Back To America”, An initiative designed to engage members from the immigrant communities in volunteering in US communities where they live or work.

Valentin went to School at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon, and at Louisiana State University in Shreveport and Strayer University in Washington DC.

Valentin Miafo holds: A bachelor and master’s degree in legal studies (Public Law), A master’s degrees in business administration (MBA) and a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management; An Advanced Studies Degree (Post graduate) and a Doctorate Degree in Political Sciences.

Valentin Speaks several international languages including French (Native), Spanish, Creole, Portuguese as well as many African languages.

Valentin volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and with the Catholic Charities Diocese of Washington. He is former president of LENAN MENOUA USA, Cameroon Diaspora association; Member and founder of Cameroon Congress of America (CAMCONGRESS).

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